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What is in the package?

User License, Software, Documentation, USB-plug.

The download-page of the standard version is not public and its address is sent to you after purchasing.

The USB-plug is required at installation only and will be mailed to you. Please, provide a valid delivery address during the order-process.


License Schema Nominal Discount VAT 19% Incl
VACS Single 400 € 280 € 333.20 €
VACS Site 1600 € 1,120 € 1,332.80 €

Upgrading license from version 0.9 to version 2.1.

License Schema Nominal Discount VAT 19% Incl
VACS Single 200 € 140 € 166.60 €
VACS Site 800 € 560 € 666.40 €

- For the new balloon-plots not all planned Processings are available, yet.
   Because of this there is a discount of 30% (ends 31.08.2018).
- The Site-License allows unlimited number of users at one location of your company.
- Special price available if purchased together with ABEC.
- One USB-plug and letter delivery included.
- VAT free for any country outside EU, or with VAT-ID outside Germany.
- January 2018, subject to change.

Order via Internet

After check-out, you will receive download instructions and a temporary Release Code for working immediately.

Some days later, you will receive a letter from R&D Team, which contains the USB-plug for generating permanent Release Codes.

Upgrading: Please, have your coupon ready for 50% upgrade discount. Enter this coupon-code at the order-form. If you have not received this coupon and own a valid license of the previous version, please request at

Purchase Single License... Purchase Site License...

Order via Purchase Order

Larger companies and organizations may prefer to buy the VACS-License via a Purchase Order. Please contact R&D Team.

Replacement of an USB-plug

If you have lost your USB-plug you can order a replacement. The cost of the replacement-key is: 30 € (35.70 € with VAT of 19%) per key. Delivery costs are not included.