ABEC - Release Code

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Software Protection of ABEC

ABEC is protected and needs an installation-only USB-plug, which is mailed to you after purchase.

This USB-Stick automatically generates the necessary Release-Code, which protects ABEC. Once installed, ABEC does not need the plug to run. You keep the USB-plug for when you need to install ABEC on another or modified computer.

Because we have to mail the USB-Plug to you as a letter we would need your postal address. Your delivery address can be provided at the paying site. Alternatively, you may drop us a note.


The student version lacks the comfort of the USB-key. The necessary Release Code will be provided via email (see below "No USB Port").

Temporary Release Code

In order to bridge the time between purchase and arrival of the letter with the USB-plug or the response with the Release Code, you will immediately receive an email containing the temporary Release Code.

No Release Code

Without the Release Code, ABEC behaves exactly like ABEC Demo, which means that all functions but saving of the solving-result-files are available.

No USB Port

If your computer lacks the USB port, which is necessary to run the USB-driven Release Code Generator, there is also an alternative solution. In this case R&D Team can provide the Release Code remotely. This procedure is straightforward. There is ample description in the ABEC Help-System on how to do this. If you have further questions, please contact us.