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File= File_BE=
MeshFrequency= SamplFrequ=
Frequencies= Frequs=
NumFrequencies= NumFrequs=
ImpedanceNumFrequencies= ImpedanceNumFrequs=
Abscissa= Absc=
Color= DrvColor=
RefDiaphragm= RefDiaph=
ELType=Interior ELType=BE_Interior
ELType=Exterior ELType=BE_Exterior
ID= VacsID=

You can still use the old set of parameter, however they are regarded depreciated and are not part of the documentation.


The biggest change concerns the handling of Lumped Element Scripts. In ABEC3 the LE-script needs to be registered with the project, before you can couple the observation script to it. The previous embedding of the LE-scripts is not supported any more and and an error message is displayed.


Likewise, the embedding command "File_Data=" of ABEC2 is replaced by the new alias schema. For example, if you want to attach an impedance-spectrum to WallImpedance, you simply specify


Also here you need to register the data-file with the project and provide an alias for this file. In the above example the alias is "Imp1".